April 9, 2024

Value-Based Care Capabilities

Holland & Knight's Value-Based Care (VBC) practice brings together entities across the sector to deliver quality outcomes for clients and patients while remaining compliant with state and federal regulations. In this video, healthcare attorneys Melissa Wong, Daniel Patten and Jennifer Rangel discuss the evolving world of value-based care in various healthcare verticals as technology and policy change. Holland & Knight's experienced team of healthcare lawyers combine creative, data-driven solutions with the firm's deep connections in government and public policy to provide the latest insights into emerging industry trends and developments to secure optimal results for our clients.

Duration: 2:37

Melissa Wong: The way I like to think about value-based care is it's a real paradigm shift in how things are going to be paid for within the healthcare ecosystem.

Daniel Patten: I think this wave of value-based care is really focused on technology. And so bringing care coordination together across all types of verticals and really bringing this patient quality and patient experiences to them to the top level.

Jennifer Rangel: Holland & Knight has worked with our clients in a variety of ways on value-based contracting matters. Everything from how to structure an arrangement in compliance with Stark and Anti-Kickback and other applicable state and federal fraud and abuse laws, as well as insurance laws, and really thinking through when can a writer take risk, when can they take downside versus upside risk?

Melissa Wong: Another great thing about Holland & Knight is the strength of our government practice and the fact that from a public policy and a lobbying perspective, that we have a lot of insight and connections. 

Daniel Patten: It's exciting from our point of view of seeing a lot of different providers looking to get into the space. We take a lot of calls saying, you know, what steps do I need to take to get there. We promote a solution that's, you know, focused on data and finding the data you need to have that proof of concept and helping construct these programs with health plans to really explore different options and be flexible to find that.

Jennifer Rangel: I think Holland & Knight is probably best positioned to represent our clients in value-based care arrangements and initiatives. Because of the breadth of our experience, we have been involved on the front lines to structuring new and emerging relationships as they've developed and helping to come up with structures that are compliant with state and federal laws and also achieve the, the outcomes that they're looking to achieve and the savings.

Daniel Patten: What makes Holland & Knight different than most other firms, I think, is our creative, practical approach. A lot of these contracts are trying to find new delivery mechanisms and methods and bringing really off-script solutions.

Melissa Wong: I think one of the benefits of having one of the largest healthcare practices of any law firm is that we see all these different sides of value-based care. So it's not just about the managed care companies and the health insurers, and it's also not just about the providers, but it's also thinking about all the different players within that system, whether it's service providers, data analytics, care coordination, all these different players that you don't necessarily think about, we've worked with on a day-to-day basis.

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