April 1, 2021

American Jobs Plan of 2021: Summary

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Christopher J. Armstrong | Kayla Gebeck Carroll | Isabel C. Lane | Joshua David Odintz

President Joe Biden on March 31, 2021, introduced the American Jobs Plan of 2021. The plan requests $2 trillion over eight years to modernize the nation's infrastructure. This infrastructure plan includes roads, bridges and ports, but also addresses resiliency, the climate crisis, broadband access, waterways and housing. To pay for the plan, the president suggests a corporate tax hike over 15 years, among other modifications to the tax code.

President Biden called on Congress to enact the American Jobs Plan to create jobs, rebuild the country's infrastructure and position the United States to compete against China. The plan includes provisions on wages for essential home care workers, job training, public school buildings and lead pipe replacement. The ambitious plan is likely to change and meet resistance as Congress develops legislation over the weeks and months ahead. While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has said that she wants to pass the package by July 4, 2021, it is likely to slip late into the summer or early fall.

President Biden unveiled his plan at Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During his speech, President Biden portrayed his vision of the American Jobs Plan, saying the plan will "create the strongest, most resilient, innovative economy in the world." He further expressed his intent to implement his plan with American products and services by adding, "When we make all these investments, we're going to make sure, as the executive order I signed early on, that we buy American. That means investing in American-based companies and American workers. Not a contract will go out, that I control, that will not go to a company that is an American company with American products, all the way down the line, and American workers."

The American Jobs Plan is the first of a two-part package. The second package, the American Families Plan, is expected to be released in the next few weeks. The following chart highlights some of the noteworthy provisions.

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  • Bridges, Roads and Highways
  • Public Transit
  • Ports, Waterways and Airports
  • Rail and Freight
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Clean Water
  • Broadband and Digital Infrastructure
  • Power Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Resiliency
  • Retrofitting Homes and Commercial Buildings
  • Essential Home Care Workers
  • Manufacturing, Supply Chain
  • Workforce Development
  • Schools and Child Care Centers
  • The Made in America Tax Plan
  • Tribal Provisions

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