March 13, 2024

5 Trends to Watch as Value-Based Healthcare Gains Steam

Melissa A. Wong | Jennifer Rangel | Daniel Patten

Healthcare attorneys Melissa Wong, Jennifer Rangel and Daniel Patten co-authored an article for Law360 about the five key trends driving the growth of value-based healthcare. The article highlights the accelerated shift toward alternative payment models that prioritize quality outcomes over fee-for-service, the impact of payer and provider consolidation, the crucial role of data and technology in managing patient health, adjustments to accommodate shifts in care settings and the importance of patient engagement strategies. As value-based care gains momentum, the authors underscore the need for stakeholders to navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with healthcare laws while embracing these transformative trends aimed at improving patient care and controlling costs.

The authors also recently published a Holland & Knight client alert on this topic.

READ: 5 Trends to Watch as Value-Based Healthcare Gains Steam

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