Holland & Knight's Compliance Services and Education Teams, along with attorneys throughout the firm, collaborated on the 2018 edition of the Practising Law Institute's (PLI) Corporate Compliance Answer Book.

The book serves as a guide in a question and answer format, helping readers to use risk assessment, apply gap analyses, conduct internal investigations, develop records management programs, satisfy labor and employment mandates, environmental rules, lobbying and campaign finance laws, export control regulations, and FCPA anti-bribery standards, and make voluntary disclosures of illegalities, among other topics.

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Corporate Compliance Answer Book Chapter/Author Information

  • Chapter 1: The Business Case for Compliance Programs – Christopher A. Meyers and Michael Manthei
  • Chapter 2: Implementation of Effective Compliance and Ethics Programs and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines – Steven D. Gordon
  • Chapter 4: Risk Assessments and Gap Analysis – Kwamina Thomas Williford
  • Chapter 5: Records Management – Ieuan G. Mahony
  • Chapter 6: Internal Investigations –  Gregory Baldwin
  • Chapter 7: Electronic Discovery – Sonya Strnad
  • Chapter 8: Voluntary Disclosure of Wrongdoing – Michael Manthei
  • Chapter 9: Witness Preparation – Dan Small
  • Chapter 10: Settling with the Government – Mark Flessner, Simon Auerbach and Steven Gordon
  • Chapter 11: The False Claims Act – Lynne Halbrooks and Timothy Taylor
  • Chapter 12: Privacy and Security of Personal Information – Ieuan G. Mahony and Maximillian J. Bodoin
  • Chapter 13: Procuring Computing Resources: IP Licensing, Outsourcing, and Cloud Computing – Ieuan G. Mahony
  • Chapter 14: Government Contractors – David S. Black and Thomas M. Brownell
  • Chapter 15: Suspension and Debarment from Federal Contracting and Programs – Steven D. Gordon
  • Chapter 16: International Investigations – Steven D. Gordon 
  • Chapter 17: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – Don Zarin and Timothy D. Belevetz
  • Chapter 18: Export Controls – Antonia I. Tzinova, Ronald A. Oleynik, Jonathan M. Epstein and Andrew K. McAllister
  • Chapter 19: Corporate Political Activity – Christopher DeLacy
  • Chapter 20: Environmental Law – Bonni F. Kaufman and Stacy Watson May
  • Chapter 22: Food Safety – Richard T. Williams
  • Chapter 23: Healthcare Organizations and Providers – Jonathan Anderman
  • Chapter 24: Medicare Part D – Jeffrey W. Mittleman, Ilenna J. Stein and Andrew Namkung
  • Chapter 25: Managed Care Organizations – Jeffrey W. Mittleman and Jonathan Anderman
  • Chapter 26: Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers – Michael R. Manthei, William F. Gould, Jenna C. Bigornia and Timothy J. Taylor
  • Chapter 27: HIPAA Security and Privacy – Shannon Britton Hartsfield
  • Chapter 28: The Affordable Care Act: Compliance and Enforcement – Christopher A. Myers, Michael R. Manthei and John S. Irving
  • Chapter 29: The Affordable Care Act: Employer Obligations – Kenneth A. Jenero
  • Chapter 30: Anti-Money Laundering – Gregory A. Baldwin
  • Chapter 31: Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 – Richard T. Williams, Jerome W. Hoffman and John A. Canale
  • Chapter 32: The Law and Accounting: The Convergence of Sarbanes-Oxley, COSO, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, and Caremark Duties – James Wing and Laurie Green
  • Chapter 33: SEC Investigations of Public Companies – Mitchell E. Herr
  • Chapter 34: Directors and Officers Liability Insurance; and Appendix 34A – Thomas H. Bentz
  • Chapter 35: Cyber Liability Insurance – Thomas H. Bentz
  • Chapter 36: Executive Compensation – Robert J. Friedman, David G. O'Leary, Gregory K. Brown, Claudia L. Hinsch, Victoria H. Zerjav, Louis L. Joseph, Ariadna Alvarez, Christopher K. Buch, Sepedeh Tofigh and Austin Stack
  • Chapter 37: Institutions of Higher Education – Kwamina Thomas Williford, Paul G. Lannon and Nathan A. Adams
  • Chapter 38: Labor and Employment Law – Kenneth A. Jenero
  • Chapter 39: Anti–Human Trafficking and Forced Labor – William N. Shepherd, Vince Farhat and John A. Canale

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