September 9, 2020

Holland & Knight's Israel Practice Newsletter: Summer 2020

Eric S. Crusius | Judith E. Kreitzer | Herman R. Lipkis | Meital Stavinsky | Charles A. Weiss | Jose V. Zapata

Holland & Knight invites you to read our Summer 2020 Israel Practice newsletter, in which our authors discuss pertinent American-Israeli topics. As Israel has been a crossroads and a prolific source of new ideas for more than 3,000 years, a natural tradition of inventiveness finds its most recent expression in the creation of a technology startup ecosystem with global impact on, among others, solutions designed to tackle COVID-19. This newsletter also addresses, among other relevant topics, how the innovative technologies and ideas generated in Israel can be deployed in the United States and globally.


  • Free Trade Agreement Between Colombia and Israel Comes into Force
  • We're Open for Business: Israeli Companies in the U.S.
  • The Tripartite Relationship between Britain, Israel and United States: Effects of Brexit on the Israeli State
  • Negotiation and Drafting Issues Surrounding Force Majeure Provisions
  • Navigating Pre-Negotiation and Forbearance Agreements in the New Economy: Considerations for Lenders
  • Ruling Banning Chinese Telecommunications Equipment Is Released

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Israel Newsletter Summer 2020

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