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Holland & Knight's salute to veterans who have served our country, including our very own attorneys and professionals.

Pro Bono Legal Service

Holland & Knight Founder Chesterfield Smith (1917-2003) instilled in our lawyers a sense of community purpose and recognition that we have a duty to provide needy people and groups with free legal services. Today, that charge remains woven into the fabric of our firm. Holland & Knight annually contributes an amount of time equal to at least 3 percent of the firm's billable hours to pro bono legal service. The variety of cases we take on is as broad as the needs of the communities in which we practice.

Dedicated Pro Bono Team

Holland & Knight established a dedicated pro bono team in 1990 to more effectively accomplish social change through high-impact pro bono legal service. The dedicated pro bono attorneys concentrate their efforts on cases and matters with substantial issues affecting large numbers of people. Past work has focused on civil rights litigation and advocacy for underprivileged people, including challenges to high-stakes testing, challenges to indigent defense systems, death penalty litigation and prisoner rights, and challenges to housing, employment and AIDS discrimination.

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