Holland & Knight, its employees and valued external partners support the firm's pro bono work and community service with charitable giving.

The Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation

The Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, Inc. was created in 1996 to support the increasing charitable activities of the employees of Holland & Knight LLP. The Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation is led by a board of directors and is a public charity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). The financial support for the Foundation comes from the law firm of Holland & Knight, individual employees and clients of Holland & Knight, and other organizations and individuals. The foundation supports various nonprofit entities and underwrites several important educational programs. 

Make a Donation

If you are interested in making a financial contribution to the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation in support of the work it is doing, please visit the secure donation page.

Ralph T. Lepore III  |  Boston

Ralph T. Lepore III  |  Boston

Crystal Adkins  |  Jacksonville

Eric Pfeifle  |  Dallas

Board Members

Linda Allderdice  |  Los Angeles
Leonard Bernstein  |  Philadelphia
Christopher Bellows  |  Miami
Christopher Brockman  |  Orlando
Christopher Camarra  | Washington, D.C.
Brett Carroll  |  Boston
Kevin Cox  |  Tallahassee
Agnes Doyle  |  Houston
Brandon Elledge  |  Tysons
Walter Featherly  |  Anchorage
Joshua Husbands  |  Portland
Ralph T. Lepore III  |  Boston
Renee Lewis  |  Chicago
Andrew Loewenstein  |  West Palm Beach
Stacie Nelson  |  San Francisco
Eric Pfeifle  |  Dallas
Tim Ryan  |  Charlotte
Edward Sarnowski  |  Jacksonville
Bill Sherman  |  Fort Lauderdale
Mia Stutzman  |  Tampa
Caroline Tanner  |  Atlanta
John Toriello  |  New York
Shawn Turner  |  Denver
Vicente Umaña  |  Bogota
Michael Wiener  |  Lakeland
Victoria Zerjav  |  Stamford